Our Carriers

Hart Insurance provides policies with only the best Carriers in the industry. You can trust that any your policy with us is binded to a Carrier with a history of established trust, longevity, stability, and performance. Listed below is a list of the primary insurance carriers we use:

  •  American Modern Personal
  • Allstate Personal & Commercial 
  • Berkshire Hathaway Commerical
  • Dairyland Personal
  • Foremost Bristol West Personal & Commercial 
  • Grange Personal
  • HICI Personal & Commercial 
  • Johnson & Johnson Commercial 
  • NCCI Commercial 
  • Mercury Personal & Commercial 
  • Nationwide Personal Farm Commercial 
  • Progressive Personal & Commercial 
  • SIU Personal & Commercial 
  • Strickland Personal
  • Travelers Commerical
  • Safeco Personal


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